Monday, September 07, 2009

Dressing in White historically significant to protest and praise

My mind has been racing full of thoughts of how to turn the tide on youth violence, guns in the hands of children. Seeing footage of children soldiers in other countries, and not reflecting on the lives lost to gunfired in my own midst is foolish. So I take a look, precipitated by the death of Aaron Sullivan, so young 18 years old, so nice, so talented.

In Pray the Devil Back to Hell the significance of the women wearing white is a key element to this organizing. So in researching I find that the wearing of white by women in a unified and collective way is symbolic for many women. In the case of the Liberian women and women of African ancestry in the Mississippi Delta.

In the film "Pray the Devil Back to Hell" the women dress in white and pray and intervene. That is all I know but will know more after seeing the film on Sept. 27.  I will wear white and I will fight the forces that keep assault weapons in the hands of our children.

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