Saturday, July 11, 2015

Can We Get A Patrol Car Out Here Please?

The original Part 1 posting has been taken down in response to SPD sending three police vehicles to my neighborhood to talk with the residents who sell drugs out of their home, which until recently was frequented by a man who is now charged with attempted murder. 

Part 2 remains until drugs are no longer being sold out of this house and my neighborhood is returned to the safe place it has been for 28 years.  I will use this page to keep readers updated. 

July 12, 2015  

  • Can We Get A Patrol Car OUt Here Please Part 1 is posted
  • Communication sent to the Mayor's Office about the lack of police response to drug activity on our block.

 July 13, 2015

  • Police visit the trouble house. No arrests made.  Most likely a knock and talk as in we are watching you, a respectful action. 
  • Children and families outside enjoying the summer evening following the departure of the police.
  • Blog Entry Can We Get A Patrol Car Out Here Please Part 1 is taken down.  
August 25, 2015
The Bonnie and Clyde team that kept our neighborhood under siege for almost two years without police response appear to be out of business. I would like to say it was good police work but it was not. "Clyde" shot and seriously injured someone and will end up in prison. "Bonnie" not yet out of her 30's has had a serious heart attack. The mother who harbored them with her job of look out no longer needed is now being seen doing what she did for years of a more legal existence, walking to the bus stop.  

Even though an attempted murder, and extreme violence, and a poor health appears to have put a stop to the traffic on our quiet street, I still took down the Part 2 posting as promised. Our police have so much work to do as keepers of peace and law in this urban city. 

Proclamations and Work Still Left to Do

On Wednesday, July 8, 2015 I was honored and humbled by a dual recognition of my contribution of my life and resources to bring justice to education, economic and human equity to Seattle, King County, WA.  King County Executive Dow Constantine and Mayor Ed Murray brought to the Annual Dawn Mason Fish Fry Proclamations for Dawn Mason Day.

There is everything right with getting public recognition from places of high respect. But recognition for what has been done, must be the launching place for the future. At age 70, I could with out guilt just sit down and say I have done enough. Or I could honor the health and well being that has been granted and go forward with wisdom and clarity. I have chosen the latter.

Thank you to my legislative colleagues Dow and Ed for this honor of a day to call my own.