Thursday, July 09, 2009

Elders engage in Cultural Reconnection

Dr. Maxine Mimms who resides in Washington State, and Mama Sarah Obama who resides in Kogelo village Siaya, Nyanza Province, Kenya meet and form a relationship as elders. Dr. Mimms is a Washington Elder of Distinction and Mama Sarah is the grandmother of Pres. Barack Obama. This was an historic and documented meeting of two women whose lives have contributed to making a significant difference in their communities, their countries and the world.

Dr. Mimms has been a teacher to thousands and is the founder of Evergreen State College Tacoma Branch and the Maxine Mimms Academy. Both are located in the Hilltop community which is home to diverse working class and sometimes struggling families. Mama Sarah Obama, who raised the father of Pres. Obama continues to live in the village where she raised Obama Sr. and has contributed to the lives of thousands of Kenyans.

Mama Obama is Luo and prefers speaking her native language Duluo, while Dr. Maxine Mimms an African American speaks only English both clearly understood the joy each other had in this initial meeting. The two met during a visit to the Kogelo home of Mama Sarah while on the 2009 Cultural Reconnection Delegation mission, the meeting was an official visit which has resulted in follow up meetings and visits based on a mutual desire to bring together for mutual benefit the CR Delegates and the women of Kogelo village.
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