Thursday, June 25, 2009

Naptime and it is only 9 am

I was up this morning wired at 4 A.M. so I have worked for 5 hours. Enough! This is what I did. Read interesting stuff, sent to appropriate recipients. managed my Facebook page.

Answered some of the 100 questions Benita asked for the Retreat, she is as manic as I am. lol. I answered several of them before I realized I only had to answer Institute for CR inquiry.

Created a web page for Duonga Women because Petroline has earned this distinction, she is fired up and roaring.

Communicated with my son through his many ventures including the import and private label bicycles made in Japan, free lance illustration and Kinfolk Lounge a neighborhood pub in Japan. One of his friends just became a father, a scary thing for these laid back Kinfolk, who now are uncles. They work in collective action much the way that we do, they are brilliant human beings, fun and global.

Salah lives a life of leisure in Brooklyn in a brownstone with his business and art partner and his wife who is the only one who works, she is Japanese born thus the Japanese connection.

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