Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jay Inslee for Governor Join the Campaign

As summer approaches we will be hearing more and more about a few very important elections. In January we will have a new Governor. There are many reasons for us to make sure that Jay wins this election.

At the top of the agenda for his opponent is reversing the work that President Obama and Congress has done to assure that health care is available to all Americans. Our families and children need access to health care no matter what their social or economic status might be.  The insurance companies have never been the friend of families, children and workers. And Jay will make sure that we as a State move Forward with President Obama,

We can not sit back and let this important election pass us by.  I have known Jay for many years, and have access to him on issues important to my former constituents and now the many communities I have come to know and respect.  The opposing forces in Washington State and across America would like to see us back at a time when there were great divisions based on race, income, and religion. We have all worked too hard to get to where we are today.  Without us working together across differences, protecting civil and equal rights and yes even having many die for the cause we would be a nation of shame.

Please join me in supporting Jay Inslee for Governor and yes, volunteering and contributing to assure a win for all the people of Washington.

His opponent is using a math program conceived by Norman Alston, and African American parents to give the impression that he has done something for the education of children who need an education system that elevates them to a higher potential.  He has done nothing to support this program.  Just being seen at opportune times is not what we need in a Governor.  We need someone who engage with all communities.

Also, President Obama needs to know that we are with him all the way back to the White House. He has stepped up and to the plate on many issues important to people and communities important to me and thus those I consider friends and allies in the struggle to keep America moving forward for true equal and civil rights.

Has he reversed all of the setbacks that we encountered during the Bush years, of course not. The damage done to working families and children during those years will take more than 4 years to reverse. But he has turned the ship.  We know that stimulus money given to banks has been used and misused to strategically to keep the wealthiest wealthy while small businesses have suffered from lack of loans that would strengthen communities across America. They have illegally foreclosed on homes and failed to invest in communities. This gives the impression that President Obama is not doing a good job of moving our economy forward.

He needs governors and a Congress that will stay the course with him and the only way that will happen is if we make donations, volunteer and of course vote and have all who you know get their ballots filled out and turned in on election day.

Thanks for reading this and join me in assuring that all children and all families are given an equal chance to rise to a full potential. That means we need a Governor, President and Congress who cares more for families than they do for corporate greed.

The Seattle Campaign office for the Obama and Inslee campaigns is located at 901 Rainier Avenue South (at Charles St) just south of Dearborn.

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