Thursday, July 14, 2011

Year End Summary of Parents for Student Success

This year Parents for Student Successwill be the beneficiary of the 19th Annual Mason Family Fish Fry..  Parents for Student Success is located in Seattle. through outreach, capacity building and advocacy for equity in education for all children.  There is a need along WA's I-5 corridor for greater excellence for African American children and others who for too long languish at the bottom of education outcomes in public school.

Through strategic partnerships they expand their reach and vision for a safe Village in which when asked "How are the children?"  it can be said,  "They are well, they are doing very well."

Some of the accomplishments of PFSS during 2010-11 school year:

  • Convened Sept 2010 Community Educators Gathering  with Asst. Supt of Public Instruction, Erin Jones
  • Sponsor Critical Conversations in the Community with Dr. Maxine Mimms - monthly at Life Enrichment Books
  • Developing the prototype for Elders in Residence with South Shore School 
  • Support for Successful Young Women Project 
  • Conducted 10 Parent to Parent Workshops (for capacity building)  - First Place School, Saturday Math Academy, South Shore School, Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club
  • Fiscal agent for AAKEWO and American Museum (Delbert Richardson)
  • Partnered with Rainier Valley Rotary to expand support for literacy for children attending Rainier Valley Schools
  • Creating dialogue that expands our reach to parents who are need of more effective ways to be engaged in and take responsibility for their children's education
  • Initiated the development of a knowledge and support base for African American parents of developmentally disabled children; ARC of King County, Northwest Center, Special Olympics, Office of Education Ombudsman

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