Monday, May 09, 2011

The Village is Alive and Well May 9, 2011

Many things are occuring that elevates the well being of African American children, families and the population living within the I-5 Corridor Village in WA State.  

Campaigns to Watch
Of course I am watching the many campaigns popping up. Dian Ferguson, long time Democratic leader (37th and 11th Districts)  champion for women; Women Funding Alliance, Director; and for freedom of speech as Director of Seattle Community Access Network which was recently ceased by Seattle City Council. She has worked for the City of Seattle and helped the City get funds for children and families from the Federal Government.  Dian has done her work in ways that has benefitted the many over caring just for the few and should receive broad support. She is running for Seattle City Council Pos. 9. Her Kickoff is May 27, 6 p.m. at First AME Church. 

Bruce Harrell is seeking re-election. He has been a good for Seattle on the City Council and we should support his re-election. No other candidate has sought my support. 

President Obama Re-election Campaign
Get involved sign on to re-election 2012.  I will be attending an organizing and strategy session on May 24. I want to be able to say yes our African American Village is ready to go forward with our President. We know that small and frequent donations are helpful, even $5 will make a difference. 3 million supporters giving $5 on any one day makes a significant difference. 

Saturday May 7, was West African Art Day at Seattle Center. Dr. Joye Hardiman did a great job as Emcee and Griot.  I left with a very creative wall hanger made with hand carved stamps we learned to make.  The music and dance, arts and crafts of African cultures filled the Center House. All seats were filled. is having its recital on May 14 at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. we are told tickets for 6 p.m. show is sold out and both shows will be SRO. Good job Melva Ayco, Program and Artistic Director, young tappers and parents. 

Thank you to MLK Church in Renton and St. John's Church in Tacoma for having Rev. Jeremiah Wright here for Spring Revivals. The workshop on Race in the 21st Century led by Rev. Wright at MLK Baptist was incredible. We  hope that the many pastors who attended will keep the momentum of being informative will continue.

Rev. Al Sharpton is present in the Seattle/Everett area for a few days. Saturday he had an organizing meeting at New Hope Baptist(Rev. Robert Jeffrrey, Sr.)   for National Action Network;  Sunday he preached at Greater Trinity in Everett (Rev. Paul Stoot, Sr.) , and Mt. Zion Baptist Church (Rev. Aaron Williams)  with messages and a spiritual awakening much needed in the Village. Thank you to Deacon, Joseph Mason, Rev. Paul Stoot, and Chris Bennett (Seattle Medium and ZTwins) for their many hours of work on this.  Tonight, Monday May 9, Rev. Sharpton will be on a panel discussing Education Reform at 7 p.m. Campion Tower. Here is a recent interview with Wall Street Journal as to what he thinks Pres. Obama should be thinking about as to African Americans. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 10 I will be at South Shore School conducting a Parents for Student Success Train the Trainer Parent workshop. It is our intent to help South Shore Principal Keisha Scarlett, parents and teachers make this K-8 school filled with  black, brown and  poor children the best in the District and State.   I love working with Keisha and So. Shore parents and teachers. The school environment is friendly and working toward raising the achievement of every student. Getting a handle on raising academic achievement requires getting parents and community to focus on each child. Making intellectual attainment a priority for children and adults.  

Pick a school and make a difference. Find a child and listen to them read or show you an arithmetical computation. Our children desperately need and deserve our attention and models of excellence. is a great site for learning how to do math and other subjects in 15 minutes segments. 

Fear No Number Saturday Math Academy is doing a great job of raising an interest in math Norman Alston of Moving Beyond Arithmetic seems to be ever present in the Village and every Saturday 9 - 11 at Zion Prep Academy we find him exciting his students with applications of mathematical concepts. This past Saturday the elementary age children were introduced to architectural plans and had fun measuring and drawing plans for their own dream homes. 

Zion Preparatory Academy's Director Rev. Doug Wheeler has announced that ZPA will close its elementary program and focus on early childhood education. The economy has forced many parents to place their children back into pubic schools, so it makes sense to focus on preparing the babies so they have an even start as they enter public elementary education. Thank you ZPA for all you do for the education of our children.

This is something that inspired me today. Malika Cyril  speaks about motherhood and social justice. How her mother through positive struggle gave her purpose. Also click on her video. She gets started slowly but has a great message.

Let me know if you something of good or informing to share with others.

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