Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meet Those Who Inspired Me This Week.

Grateful for Inspirations
Being mid 60's gives me a major benefit and privilege on life. I am still young enough to enjoy learning and doing and being retired allows me to do what it is I want and to leave on the side of the road that which I do not.  I do realize that it is more than just age the state of being with God and centered in self is key at all phases of our human development.  Being spiritually centered diminishes the vestiges of victimhood.  I want to introduce to others some of the people who inspired me this week and for who I am grateful.

Dr. Melody Ivory
Consider walking away a job that pays well and gives you high levels of respect, because you see a life well lived with purpose a higher calling?  Not in a "Take This Job and Shove It" kind of way, but a response to a life altering crisis.  A conversation with Dr. Melody Ivory a person relatively new in my life, is a young brilliant woman who is a very special person with many gifts.

Melody Ivory's website is worth looking at. She has many products as a result of her gratitude for life and brilliance. I am I think addicted to her great tasting herbal teas and I am sure they are instrumental in my much needed weight loss and renewed energy.  To her credit she is the first and so far only African American woman to receive a PhD in Computer Science from Berkley.  She is moving forward on the expansion of her vision and with intent. To me intent is having a vision and doing whatever it takes to make it happen.

Cultural Village
Marcia Tate Arunga inspires me in her growth around her work with Cultural Reconnection. She is a testimony to what occurs when a person follows purpose and takes full responsibility and is able to elevate humanity through their work. Here is an article in March Seattle Magazine  which gives insight into how she has made a difference for many through the work she does with the Vision And Planning Team and The Institute for Cultural Reconnection and the 78 CR Delegates made up of African American women. A publication is being developed that will tell of the 12 years and beyond of inspired, focused, and active participation in the development of relationships within the African Diaspora.

Rev. Harriett Walden
New knees can make the difference for quality of life for we who are aging in good health but worn out body parts. Last August I had a spinal fusion to rid myself of the pain of spondolythesis (slipped disk) it made a major difference for my well being. Harriett, a long time sister in the struggle for justice,  followed suit and went and got herself some new knees. I spoke with her today she is at Washington Center a culturally competent rehab facility in Rainier Valley, Seattle.   I think Harriett wore out her knees over the many years of walking for justice we especially love Harriett for her inspired creation of Mothers for Police Accountability.  It is now up to our younger generations to pick up the baton and keep the movement alive. Which brings me to my young friend Marselas.

Marselas Owens
Marselas inspires not only me but millions. Last year he received  major media attention for his advocacy that moved forward the Health Care reform bill.    Marselas and his grandmother Gina are personal friends of mine. Marselas has a Mii on my Wii. He is again in the news after walking 50 miles to Olympia with his grandmother Gina to again give a real voice to why the wealthy should be taxed and that our legislators should not put the biggest burden of the economy on the backs of the poorest among us. Meet my friend Marsalas and think, "If Marsalas and his grandmother can walk 50 miles surely I can click on and send a message to my legislative delegation.

President Barack Obama
I hear people make uninspired statements about this inspired man and I want to gag. I am gearing up for re-election 2012. Election 2008 consumed much of my life and I expect the same level of involvement.  So the first task is to get as many people as possible to "GET IN" that is get involved with Organizing for America; sign onto the campaign. If you are not ready to make your financial donation, sign on anyway the key to getting out of the donation page is to click on 2012.  

*Village is used to denote African Americans living along the I-5 corridor. Villages are usually denoted in spacial terms but for us who are scattered off the many exits of I-5 it is our cultural connection that makes us a Village.  

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