Thursday, April 08, 2010

Emails that are telling of me

written to me in response to waht I do she was introduced to me by Ellie Graham.


I feel like one big concentric circle in and of myself. It is midnight on a Sunday and I have been at it for hours. The it being:

formatting the thank you letter sent from a Kenyan Women's Group to a medical group here who donated medical supplies.

Responding to a question about Parents for Student Success

Writing a two page report back to the African American community reporting back on a meeting with Mayor Elect McGinn,

Doing research in prep for a writing class I will be co-teaching at Antioch

Drafting a fund raising letter for a police officer who has three chess clubs for troubled and troubling youth as a violence preventive, that will not be funded by the city this year because they do not refund, even good programs. (go figure that

Advising a church member on her idea for hosting a dinner for police officers to let them know that the African American community supports them and is grieving with them. Some know, I believe most don't. They were not crazy about us before the shootings..... We see the murderers as belonging to the criminally insane not representative of normal humans of any race.

Thinking of why a white male who owns his own business and who I am partnering with for a ban on assault weapons thinks I can get African Americans to a press conference at 10 am on a weekday. lol - the gun issue places me with male testosterone on all sides of the issue.

Now that I said all of that, I actually have a better grasp on things than it sounds and I work with incredible people on all of this stuff. It is just that there are people doing nothing but creating joy for themselves and we need them helping committing , investing and doing.

Thanks for your offer, I have an idea for addressing the plight of struggling young people here. There are some who are not going to get jobs in this market, they are pretty much the same as those in developing countries. They need to be considered the same as third world and go from there. We need public funds for violence prevention put into income generating activities for them. Most people can not put a gun into the hand of a kid who has tools in their hands.

Thank you Diana, I will share your information with the AAKEWO team.

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