Monday, August 24, 2009

Tribute to Aaron Sullivan

Aaron Sullivan is a  recent victim of assault weapon and gun violence a person of peace taken from loved ones by a young man taught to handle strife with the finality of a gun shot.

A picture is worth a thousand words and I hope this presentation will comfort his mother, his family and friends to know that in the span of just 18 years Aaron's life brought together incredible human beings.  The people who come to memorialize a life is a the best testimony of that life. Those memorializing Aaron crossed generations, cultures, religions, interests, experiences, and social and economic stations. This is a better testimony of the value of this young man than any news article. Only the Medium News, which is our only African American major media in Washington, wrote about Aaron's shooting and the about the value of his life. 

Enjoy listening to Josephine Howell at the end outside of St. Therese out singing "Over the Rainbow" and not letting the Blue Angels cause her to miss her note.

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1 comment:

exmearden said...

Beautiful tribute. Thank you for posting this - it's lovely to see the folks at St Therese again. Aaron was a fine kid.