Friday, December 19, 2008

Flip Flops for Kenyan Kids


A knit hat, a cute little skirt, a sweater and A PAIR OF FLIP FLOP SANDALS TO MATCH, this is joy and the mother is appreciative.

I travel every year to Kenya on Cultural Reconnection Mission, a way to seek the common culture with women in a part of the world my ancesters were stolen from 500 years ago. I have been to African 6 times and it is the country of Kenya, I love. Unfortunately, some of the large humanitarian agencies collect billions of dollars from American people some for the children in Kenya. Unfortunately, it is the small efforts that make their way to the children and their caregivers. Having a personal interaction with those who are being self sufficient is a satisfying way to partner with caregivers. The impact of HIV/AIDS leaves children orphaned and vulnerable. Through African American Kenyan Women (AAKEWO) supports many humanitarian efforts that create self sufficiency in conjuction with our Kenya colleagues Nyisango Women. We promote collective action, capacity and leadership building and sustainable solutions.

Sending 5,000 pairs of flip flops on a 40 foot cargo container along with medical supplies and books created capacity building for both African American women and the Kenyan women. We base our work on collective action, we focus on a solution that is created by the Kenyan women and bring resources to that solution to bolster success and sustainability and then move onto the next problem, next solution.
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